About Founder Of KHMSSS

Bike Ambulance

Karimul Haque who has successfully ferried more than 6500 people of his village to the hospital for treatment was unable to provide medical aid to his own mother who had a cardiac arrest in the year 1995. He then could not take his mother to the hospital since ambulance service was not available in his village. He lost her and it was this incident that shook him from inside but being a mere tea garden worker he could not think of doing something for the needy people.

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Few years later, it was a usual sunlit day. Karimul was working with his fellow worker in the tea garden. Suddenly one of his colleagues fainted and fell down. Karimul noticed it and rushed to the manager to borrow his bike so that he could carry the patient to the nearest hospital.

Without wasting any more time, he tied the patient to his back and rushed to the hospital and luckily the patient was saved. The incident of passing away of his own mother due to the unavailability of ambulance and helping his fellow worker by bringing him to the hospital seemed to be connected to Karimul. As if the almighty was trying to say something to him; give him a signal.

It was all he needed and he took the decision of starting his own Bike-Ambulance service.