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Karimul Haque on Bike-Ambulance

I got the inspiration of starting Bike-Ambulance service from the incident of passing away of my mother. As many of you already know that my mother passed away due to the unavailability of ambulance at that time. Later a colleague of mine fainted away while working, I tied him to my back and drove him to the hospital. This inspired me a lot and I started the Bike-Ambulance service in 1998.

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He added,  Since then I have been able to provide Bike-Ambulance service to more than 6500 people of my village by the grace of the almighty”. While explaining the importance of Bike-Ambulance, he said, “Villages often have roads that are not completely fine for a four-wheeler ambulance to enter. I would like to draw the attention of the government for the development of the roads in village or remote areas so that ambulances service can be availed.”

Until then Bike-Ambulance is the saviour for us. It can pass through narrow roads, lanes, bridges made of bamboo in village areas. If someone is bitten by a poisonous snake, he or she has to be taken to the hospital within a short period of time. While in village areas, people tend to rely upon ‘Ojha’ for that. I want to break this notion of treating a snake wound from an ‘Ojha’. Superstitions must be demolished from our society otherwise we could never develop like other countries did. So in case of a snake bite, we can take the person in a hospital in bike ambulance faster and may avoid any hazards that may occur due to bad or stiff lanes.

Not only in villages, Bike-Ambulance could be useful in urban areas too. As cities often have traffic jams due to which patients may face difficulties especially in case of an emergency. Hence, a Bike-Ambulance is effective since it can pass through roads that four-wheeler ambulance cant and thus it can avoid traffic jams.

I would like to request you to kindly donate bikes to our hospital so that we can prepare more boys in the field of Bike-Ambulance service and help more people of our society. I would love this Bike-Ambulance to be shared all over our country so that no one dies without proper medical treatment.