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Karimul Haque on Manab Seva Sadan Society

I belong to a remote village in North Bengal. The majority of people residing in our village and other surrounding areas are basically tea-garden workers who belong to various tribes. The nearest hospital i.e. the district hospital is 50 kms away from our village. While the Mahakuma hospital i.e the division hospital is around 45 kms away. There is a 10 km long deep forest area that falls while going to any of the hospitals from our village. And the road that leads to the hospital through the jungle is packed with Bison, Elephants, and even Leopards.

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While ferrying a pregnant women who is supposed to deliver the baby, we often witness wild animals in the jungle in the middle of the road that are hard to be tamed. I myself have witnessed this a few times in the past. In that case, we have to take alternative roads that take more time to reach the hospital which can be dangerous in case of an emergency.

He added,   That is why I had dreamt of building a hospital in our own village so that our villagers do not face difficulties in treatment. With the help from kind-hearted people of our society, we have been able to build Karimul Haque Manab Seva Sadan Society.

Our hospital still does not have proper medical equipments since it requires a huge amount of money to build that. We have three different types of ambulance – two wheeler ambulance, three wheeler ambulance and four wheeler ambulance. But we need a ventilation ambulance so that we can carry a dying patient to bigger hospitals in Siliguri or Kolkata. I would request the kind-hearted people of our society to donate one ventilation ambulance to our Manab Seva Sadan Society so that we can serve the needy.

Apart from that, we also need X-Ray machine, Ultrasonography machine, a proper equipped lab. We also require a quarter or rather a place for our stuff and patient’s family to stay at night or cook food. Basically, we require a proper infrastructure of a hospital. All these would require lakhs of rupees. Hence, I would request you all to kindly take a step forward and help us with any of the building materials or medical equipments.